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North West Park Apartment Neighbor Circles

Posted by katieschmahl on October 9, 2012


Attended 15 neighbors all of them  live in North West Park Apartment They share conversations and ideas. They agreed to start meeting every Wednesday for know his Neighbors and for support one and others.

Creating ideas how to invite Neighbors.

Creating a Concept of a Neighbor Circles

Network Web activity.



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Green Apple Day of Service at Broad Acres

Posted by brandnuheavy on September 29, 2012


Green Apple Day of Service volunteers in front of Broad Acres ES.

The grounds and playground at Broad Acres Elementary School got a wonderful facelift this morning thanks to the almost 100 volunteers who descended upon the school for the Green Apple Day of Service.


Even the youngest children pitched in, with a little help from mom.

Green Apple is an initiative of the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building (USGBC) Council.  Saturday, September 29th marked the inaugural Day of Service.  For one day, students, teachers, parents and elected officials, as well as international green building councils, USGBC chapters, member companies and more, come together in support of healthy, sustainable schools, by taking action in their communities.  Day of Service projects happened all across the country and around the world!

IMPACT was grateful for the opportunity to partner with CHF International, Silver Spring Green, the U.S. Green Building Council, and staff at Broad Acres to bring the beautification project to the school.

For its part, IMPACT Silver Spring recruited Broad Acres families—many of whom participate in the Long Branch Athletic Association program—to come out and help with the various improvement projects.  Moms, dads, and kids spanning all ages (older kids received Student Service Learning hours) came out to pitch in.

The projects included:

  • Cleaning the dirt and mud off the blacktop at the back of the school so the children have a larger area to play
  • Installing lumber along the edge of the blacktop to improve drainage
  • Painting four-square courts and re-striping other areas on the blacktop
  • Cleaning up trash along the edge of the woods


    Kids paint a new hopscotch board.

By the end of the two hour project, which lasted from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon, children had a larger play area (about 1,000 square feet of reclaimed blacktop!) complete with newly painted areas to play chess, four-square, and hopscotch.  In addition, more than 25 bags of trashed were collected and sorted for recycling or disposal!

Today was just the beginning of an ongoing partnership with Broad Acres.  I’m sure that all are in agreement with Assistant Principal  Bob Geiger who said, “This wonderful event gives us an excellent foundation on which to build a lasting partnership.  There are other, even more exciting projects that await.”

Here are more pictures from today’s event!


Volunteers prep the chess board for painting.


Middle schoolers pitch in and help out!

Volunteers filled more than 25 trash bags!

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Neighbors Exchange September 14,2012

Posted by katieschmahl on September 25, 2012

Neighbors Exchange September 14,2012


In September 14 we had our Long Branch Neighbor Exchange In TESS Community Service Center. A good number of community members and local organizations came to meet one another.

Edelsa from El Rosal Cooperative demostrating what they do.

Thanks everyone for Empower our communities!

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Park Montgomery Neighbor Exchange

Posted by katieschmahl on May 14, 2012

Park Montgomery Neighbor Exchange

On April 19 we had a Neighbor Exchange at Park Montgomery Apartment. The participation of the people who attended was excellent. We did five group and each group worked to develop a topic. The topics were Education, Health, Recreation, Security and Food. Each group made a map in which they showed the location of resources in the Long Branch Area.

Thanks to the people and organizations that attended  this Neighbors Exchange. You are making a difference.

                                                   Explaining about food Services

                                      Map of Health Services in Long Branch area

                                      Map of recreation in Long Branch area.

                                            Map of Safety in Long Branch Area

Educational Resources

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Posted by katieschmahl on April 11, 2012

Sharing !

Listening and creating community


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Tuesdays Together in Wheaton, MD

Posted by macs2006 on April 5, 2012

We simply had a great time in our traditional Tuesday Together meeting because a large group of new people attended even though the holidays were pretty close, we had a young lady that came with a group of teenagers to inform us about a new action group that is fighting to make big corporations pay their taxes, we also had the visit of two Health Promoters that share with us about the upcoming Health Fair at the Holy Cross Hospital.
On the second part, we had our beginner english class with an enthusiastic new teacher (Thanks Maricielo) and the advanced english class with our dear Marcia whose group is growing more and more every week, and finally we had a very emotive Mutual support where mostly everyone was able to share something with somebody.

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Neigbor Exchange March 23, 2012

Posted by katieschmahl on March 30, 2012

                                             Neighbor Exchange March 03, 2012

Los Intercambios de vecinos es un ejercicio muy interesante dentro de las actividades que se desarrollan en el sector de Long Branch en Silver Spring MD. El propósito fundamental de estos es: 1) Que los vecinos se conozcan y empiecen a solidarizarse los unos con los otros. 2) Es un espacio para compartir experiencias personales.3) Es un espacio donde surgen ideas nuevas con la intención de ser materializadas. 4) Utilizamos este espacio para conectar a la comunidad con los recursos del área, como por ejemplo los servicios que proporciona el Condado de Montgomery a través del Departamento de Servicios Sociales y otras organizaciones sin fines de lucro que existen en el área.

The Neighbor Exchange was at TESS Community Service Center.  It was a very interesting event because it allowed participants to meet one another,  to learn about Emergency Services in Montgomery County and other community resources, and to share their ideas and experiences.  This time we  emphasized Aging and Disability programs.   We shared a delicious lunch made by a woman from the community and we finished the gathering with a small dancing party.

        Recibiendo información de los Servios Sociales de Montgomery County

                                  Informándose acerca de los Servicios de Salud

                                          disponibles en en área de Long Branch

        Se dio una clase de manualidades y aprendieron a hacer flores de papel

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Door Knocking in Greenwood Terrace 03.21.2012

Posted by chriswilhelm on March 28, 2012

In March 21st 2012 we had a Door Knocking in Greenwood Terrace Apartments with the goal of meeting our neighbors and sharing some important information with the community. Door knocking with us were community members, Community Connectors from the Department of Health and Human Services, and County Councilmember Hans Riemer. We all had the same objective: to know more deeply our community, and to learn what talents, goods and asset that our neighbors have.  I think that door knocking is a good way for to understand what’s going on in our community, instead of only guessing or imagining what may be happening.

We have to look out  for each other. Sometimes people who mean well can even have a negative impact on the community if they don’t take the time to visit the area, talk with folks, and share ideas. Ours neighbors are very strong and resilient; they have a lot of good ideas and they handle adversity by growing and expanding their capacity – they only need more opportunities for employment to support their children and to feel some respect.

Thanks to all the people that came door knocking; they believe in building a community from the inside-out!

Door Knocking March 21,2012 Greenwood Terrace Apt.

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Glenmont Forest Apartment had Doors Knocking and Neighbors Exchange

Posted by katieschmahl on March 28, 2012

El pasado 3 de Marzo, un grupo de voluntarios y miembros del personal de Impact Silver Spring, tocaron a las puertas de los residentes del Complejo de Apartamentos de Glenmont Forest, con el propósito de invitarles a un Encuentro de Vecinos, que se realizo el día 8 de Marzo en las instalaciones del Centro de Servicios de Caridades Católicas en Wheaton. Los Encuentros de Vecinos, son un espacio ideal para conocerse, compartir experiencias de la vida en su comunidad y donde además, se  recibe  información sobre los diferentes programas, recursos y oportunidades que se ofrecen por varias organizaciones en el área.

Con mucho entusiasmo el grupo se dirige a invitar a sus vecinos.

Frente la entrada principal de Glenmont Forest apartments

Con paso firme y mucha alegría, emprendieron la caminata

8 de Marzo, el Día llegó!

El Encuentro de Vecinos, abrió sus puertas: los residentes atendieron al llamado, muchos acompañados de sus familias y las organizaciones unieron sus voces y prepararon un momento especial.

La mesa de recursos ofrecidos por el Departamento de Servicios y Recursos Humanos del Condado de Montgomery, dijo presente!

Preguntas y respuestas compartidas con especial atención

Momentos de introducción de residentes y representantes de organizaciones

Tiempo de escuchar, preguntar y responder en grupo

La Directora del Centro de Servicios de Caridades Católicas, procuro el espacio, estuvo para dar la bienvenida y para dar a conocer  sobre todos los recursos que comparten día a día.

Dialogando y  observando

Holly Cross, informando sobre las oportunidades disponibles para la comunidad.

Atención individual y personalizada

La diversidad, la alegría de encontrarse, compartir y conocerse se multiplicaron y formaron nuevos lazos en la comunidad

Residentes y representantes de: Caridades Católicas, Holly Cross Hospital, Departamento de Salud y Recursos Humanos del Condado de Montgomery, Casa de Maryland, Gilchrist Center, Latino Economic Development Corporation e Impact Silver Spring, creando  redes donde todos tienen voz.

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Posted by Neighborhood Opportunity Network on March 26, 2012 Guest Blog Post: Aizat Oladapo on Door Knocking: On Wednesday March 21, I went door knocking with the IMPACT Silve…

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