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Long Branch Academy coaches and parent coordinators meet

Posted by sebastianbrown on October 14, 2011

Armando goes over coaching curriculum for each age level

Two weeks ago Mairelin and Armando approached us about wanting to hold a meeting after feeling that despite the amazing progress that had already been made we still have to clarify expectations and roles of parents in the academy. So last night, 25 coaches and coordinators–and several parents just interested in being more involved–gathered in opposite corners of a classroom at Broad Acres to discuss ways they can continue to strengthen both the individual teams and the larger Academy. After everyone had a chance to briefly introduce themselves to the whole group and highlight ways they’ve contributed so far this season, coaches sat in a circle with Armando and coordinators did the same with Mairelin’s support.

Bored kindergartner after weighing in on parents coordinators discussion

Coach/acdemy director Armando in action

Armando focused on familiarizing each coach with an age-specific soccer training curriculum as part of his effort to standardize coaching techniques used as part of the academy. We also spent some time clarifying the main rules of the Takoma League–most of which are in place to enforce the league’s stated purpose of emphasizing fun and recreation over competitiveness. (One rule in particular that some of our teams have had trouble obeying is the 3 goal lead limit…).

Montgomery Knolls coach Carlos asking question about the curriculum

With Sara’s help, the coordinators went over all guidelines for being a coordinator–covering everything from rotating snack schedules and phone trees to planning team bbq’s.  It was amazing to see the level of ownership over the entire process the parents demonstrated in this first official/not on the field academy meeting. A lot of the conversation focused on ways to support other parents in becoming more involved and connected with the academy community. Two especially exciting decision made were that a $25 membership fee will be put in place for the academy to raise money to be used toward paying for renting indoor courts over the winter and that the coordinators will organize a monthly “Academy family night” where families can get to know each other better and just have a good time (dancing, playing games, watching movies…etc.). Really exciting. Thanks Mairelin for such amazing co-facilitation skills!



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