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How did you get here?

Posted by Alix Nunan on September 21, 2010

Last Tuesday, I asked some participants how they ended up at Tuesdays Together what they like to do there.  Only problem–no one wanted to stop talking about how great Tuesdays Together is once they’d started! Here are some of the responses I got:

Roxana: I came to Catholic Charities to find information about a job and I met Megan, and she asked if I wanted to work with IMPACT Silver Spring–not for daycare but for “nightcare.”  I met new people every Tuesday. I met lots of people who are gone now, like Bob and Samantha, and I hope they come back!  Each week with the kids we’ll watch a movie or go to the playground or play games.

Manuel: I knew about Tuesdays Together because of Megan. When I started working for Community First, part of LEDC, I was invited to work at a food collection day. Megan was the first person I met, and she invited me to Tuesdays Together.  I’ve gotten quite a few clients from people I’ve met; I have some people who can give them the basics of financial education, basic things like importance of having an account, importance of having insurance, importance of having savings… We also have a program where we help people start their credit.  Actually, three or four people from here have been able to get a loan from LEDC.  There have been a few occasions when people from here have dreamed to have a small business, so I transferred them over to LEDC which actually teaches a class and explain to them what is the best way to begin their business.  We have people who want to send money back to their loved ones in other countries and they do that through our organization!  Through Megan, we learned more about our organizations, so when I have clients that might want to be involved with IMPACT, I send them to Tuesdays Together or to Megan, and she sends clients to me.  It’s like a big family of favors.  People who have come to Tuesdays Together and keep coming to me, they feel comfortable to come over to me when they need a job, when their family needs help.  I like it because it’s not just about bringing business to my organization, but helping people.

Cordelia: They put one of those door-hangers on my door that said “Sorry that we missed you,” and I said, “Hmmm,” and gave it a try.  That was back in May.  I liked it, so I kept coming back.  We go around the circle and say your name, where you’re from, and one good thing that happened to you that week.  Then we break out into our circles.  I’m with Anh in the workforce group.  One week she did a nice thing on a long piece of paper about culture, your family,  your neighborhood and what you can do to better your impact.  Unfortunately today’s going to be our last day.  Some people are going to go to part of a Wheaton Workforce program for health care, and some people are going to go to a Tech circle.  We don’t stay in here always, sometimes we go on picnics, take the kids to the playground, go to IMPACT in Silver Spring.  I’m growing with this organization, learning, learning, learning.

Elvia: I found out from a friend that mentioned that IMPACT was here and meets on Tuesdays, but I didn’t have the time.   Then one Tuesday, I had a friend who’d hurt his hand I and brought him to Catholic Charities, and then I saw a bunch of people on this side of the building from  Tuesdays Together.  They invited my friend and me to come.  It’s been about a month and a half since I came that first day.  When I came then, I told everyone in the mutual support circle my situation, that I was looking for a job, and I got my first customer already, cleaning houses. I always go to mutual support.  I like it, but I’m looking forward to moving to another group to meet more people.  For the time being I’m going to stay in mutual support, but in the future I’ll go to the English class.  My favorite thing about coming here is that I can get away from the things I do on a daily basis, not only to meet people, but to be able to share my story with a group that understands and listens.

How did you learn about the Neighborhood Opportunity Network?  Share your story with us, too!

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