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Wheaton BBQ Reflections

Posted by Neighborhood Opportunity Network on August 13, 2010

Many of the participants at Tuesdays Together this week were still talking about last night’s barbecue! In addition to many of the regulars, several new participants returned this Tuesday after being invited at the barbecue.  Everyone seemed to have had a great time and enjoyed the diverse selection of food brought by residents.  Here’s what some of them had to say:

Gavin: I like that first of all, there are a lot of people, old and young from different backgrounds–from Africa, Europe, Caribbean.  The food really showed that too because there was a lot of variety.  Also, people that I’d seen in January at Tuesdays Together came back, and I hadn’t seen them for months, and so it was like a reunion.  Even the new people who had never been here before got into the network so easily.  Everybody is like a family of people, with no restrictions when it comes to socializing.  And that’s the idea of the whole group, to meet your neighbors.

Rosa: I had two hot dogs, I had fruit salad, I had potato salad, and a lot of candies, two water bottles, and an ice cream! I brought my family: my three grandchildren and my two daughters! We took a lot of pictures and we had fun.  They played, and I introduced them to some people that I know.  At the beginning they were shy, but then they got better.  I stayed after and helped clean up.  I had a good connection with Bronda Mills, the superintendent of the schools.  I WAS NEVER ABLE TO GET A HAMBURGER! My daughters and I got the bun ready like three times but we were never able to get the meat!

Ana: It was really good, there were a lot of people. I liked everything! They invited a lot of new people from this group, and even more than that… I got to meet a lot of new people and I’m hoping that they come tonight.

Ade: I met new people. I had fun talking to the new people!

Mary: It was my first time at an event and it was wonderful!  Nora from Catholic Charities told me about the barbecue and so I came and everyone was so social and friendly!  I met a lot of new people–a bunch of other women from Africa–and so I came back for Tuesdays Together this week to see some of them again.

Cordelia: It was my first time at a Barbecue with the Network, and I had a blessed time.  It was wonderful–the grilled corn of the cob, and there were people from all different nationalities.  We’re always welcoming new people! I can’t wait for next year’s barbecue!

Jose: I didn’t know where it was and I had to ask–I saw two groups, but didn’t know which it was.  I guessed right in the end.  Megan invited me to play soccer and we played for a while, but then I got really hungry and had to eat something.  I had watermelon, corn on the cob, hamburgers–a little of everything. I had a good time even though it was the first time I’d been there, and I got to see a lot of people I knew.  I hope there’s another one soon so I can eat more!

Keep checking in to hear more about the barbecue and see some pictures!


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