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Alpha: Thank you for your support!

Posted by soriasoria on May 6, 2010

Go Alpha!

It’s May 4th and Tuesdays Together is stronger then ever! Forty neighbors from the Wheaton area gathered for two hours for: mutual support and an ESOL class. We had staff from IMPACT join us to  support the group — thank you Frankie, Katie, Alix and Ira.

We began with our usual introduction circle — everyone shares their name, where they live and one good thing that happened to them during the week. We know times are tough, but believe me if you think hard enough we can find good things happening every day. This time the great surprise was for our friend Alpha who had received news that he had passed his GED! We were glad to celebrate his hard work and Alix baked a delicious cake and we all signed a card expressing our support to Alpha in his accomplishments and future life. He was very excited to share his success with the group and thanked everyone for their support over the past few months while he studied.

Check in time.

Once we finished celebrating, we divided the group and the ESOL students went off to teach each other. Our neighbors that came for first time to Tuesdays Together started the mutual support circle.

Paula from the Latino Economic Development Corporation and Faye from Catholic Charities joined us as resources partners that night to explain the different programs and resources they have available for our neighbors, from micro loans to parenting classes.

During mutual support, Frankie used her time to remind everyone that Impact is moving to downtown Silver Spring where Hollywood Videos used to be and invited everyone to help us move to our new location. Many neighbors like Milton and his wife Sonia agreed to help us move, thank you very much in advance.

Katie was a great time keeper, and managed our time effectively!

Ira reminded the group about an idea from last week — starting cooking classes. Sonia, Ana, Maria, Carmen and Leticia all expressed interest in starting a small cooking group and he will be following up with them during the week to see what a good first step could be.

Thank you Frankie, Alix, Katie and Ira for your support.

We reminded everyone that at our May 18th Tuesday Together we will be having lawyers participating in our mutual support talking about very important immigration topics.

See you next Tuesday and by the way how will you help a neighbor this week?

2 Responses to “Alpha: Thank you for your support!”

  1. We are always looking for ways to get information out to everyone in Montgomery County. Blogs might be the perfect way to get the word out to households and a perfect reminder after notification from citizen associations.

    Is there an email we might add to our list for press releases and notices?

    Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Alpha Y Serry said

    This day (May 4th) was one of the most significant days I’ve ever experienced in terms of support, in my life, and which I’ll hardly forget as well. A wonderful support from great people at the Tuesdays Together, from some major staffs at Impact Silver Spring, board-members, and community members who had been very appreciative of my help and support with the Neighbor Corps at the Wheaton area, had showed me the strength and power a community has and that such things (support) can’t just always be found within your family or family members, best friends or from your closest partner, but from your love-ones like.

    On that day, later in the afternoon; as I coming from a job interview from all the way Arlington, Virginia, very tired of the long driving distance, the high capacity of intense traffic, and the hot burning sun and finally got home. In entering my house I decided to check the mail box to see if there’s any new mail, and as I did, I found just one letter which was specifically for me and when I opened it my day become marvelous, amazing, and wonderfully great.

    I danced all around my house for about an hour with joy and craziness listening to some my favorites songs that are very meaningful and amazing to me because of the great news that I’ve always been waiting for has arrived successfully in peace and has brought joy to me, my family, and my awesome community.

    So later on that day after having some fun I decided to pass the info on to Megan Moriarty a staff of Impact Silver Spring who I have great connection with so that she can announce it to everyone within the community and organization and all was done successfully and in accordance and then after that I received a large amount of felicitation from a lot of people by phone calls, text messages, and also my email and I gratefully appreciate and thanked everyone for as well.

    As the news was distributed to everyone within the network, I was very exited and grateful for everything and thought that will be all, but actually it wasn’t, it was just the beginning of the extraordinary day that I never expected or thought of. At 6:20pm on that same day, I was running a little late to get to the Wheaton Catholic Charity Church at Georgia Ava where the Tuesdays Together takes place. When I finally got there Megan asked me to be the last person to introduce myself to the group which I thought was just a common thing for me to do. I never new what was going-on till when I finished introducing my self to the group and told them one good thing that happened to me during that week which was about my G.E.D that successfully I passed and everyone was exited as well as me.

    After the introduction as I was about to walk-off from the group to go start my ESOL class with some of the people in another room, Megan gave me a big amazing congratulant card made by the group with everyone’s signature and felicitations in it, and a big sweet cake which I can not even describe properly made by Alex (an awesome staff of Impact Silver Spring) and so much more and all that made me realize what it to be within or part of this exiting, amazing, nice, wonderful community or network.

    So in conclusion, once more I thank everyone for everything they did regarding this matter and I gratefully appreciate everything from the bottom of my heart, and hope for you to have the same great things on any of your special days or occasion, and am always here ready to give my feedback in terms of help and to anyone without any hesitation.



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