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Won’t you be my neighbor?

Posted by katieschmahl on April 26, 2010

After a flurry of doorknocking on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, Neighbor Corps held their Neighbors Exchange at the humongous Upper County Community Center last Wednesday night.

Almost all of the 25 Neighbor Corps participants were there, greeting new people, setting up food or the room, or making sure people felt welcome. We had about 25 new people show up as well!

What made it really special was for the doorknockers to see the people that they met door-knocking! George had knocked on Tasha’s door and while she wasn’t in need of services, as she was already receiving health care assistance from the county, he asked her to come to share her story of how it was working for her, and she showed up!

Then, Paula and Sam, a resident of Mineral Springs neighborhood, really connected in the health care circle. Sam had discovered that he could get his expensive prescription medications much cheaper in Canada than here and shared his information with the group. He and Paula then had a great conversation about health care reform.

Another connection that was made was when a Hispanic woman met with JoAnn Barnes because she had heard incorrect information that if she was receiving services and was a single mother, the government could take away her kids! Luckily, by talking to JoAnn, she got the right information and was very relieved. You could see by her grateful smile that a burden had been lifted off her shoulders!

Since we only had time for everyone to sit in one circle, many people were asking, “when’s the next meeting?” Tim announced to the group that the Gaithersburg Neighbors for Neighbors meets on Thursday nights at St. Martin’s Church and invited everyone to join us there. And 6 people showed up the next day!

What did you think about the Neighbors Exchange?


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