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Falling Out of Her Chair

Posted by meganmoriarty on July 16, 2009

0716092017 Tonight, Tim Warner and I met with three amazing people at Fellowship Baptist Church on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton. Led by Rev. Jones, this congregation has created a multi-cultural ministry by sharing space and worshiping with three other churches (Veirs Mill Baptist Church, Montgomery Chinese Baptist Mission and Veirs Mill Spanish Mission).

We first met long-time FBC member Patricia Tummer at a meeting of faith leaders in May where we discussed the Neighbors Campaign and MCPS’ Kennedy Cluster project. According to her, she nearly fell off her chair while listening to us describe the Campaign — because she knew that was just what FBC was looking to do!

After the meeting, she approached me and Tim and said that her church HAD to get involved in the Campaign. She followed up by having a conversation with Rev. Jones who got just as excited and showed her his plan for an under-utilized house on the church’s property. Through email we all agreed to meet later in the summer when, finally, all of our schedules aligned.

So, tonight, nearly two months later, I was tired and frankly was not looking forward to a 7pm meeting…but I remembered Patricia’s enthusiasm and hoped we would make a good connection with her pastor as well. Little did I know that right there in that church that I have driven by hundreds of times was such an amazing leader and equally inspiring congregants like Patricia and Emmanuel (who runs the youth ministry) — not to mention Rev. Jones’ adorable grandchildren who made us all paper fans to keep us cool 🙂

We talked about the Campaign so far in Wheaton and their plans to create their own version of Neighborhood Service Center — staffed by their members and the diverse members of the three other congregations on site. They had great ideas about using technology to better connect residents and how it should be open when people are not at work — 5-11pm! And we invited them to join in the next round of door knocking efforts as a way to experience the Campaign first hand and begin to build more relationships with their neighbors.

My mind (and Tim’s also, I’m sure!) began to race envisioning the possibilities!

I’m looking forward to spending more time with Rev. Jones, Emmanuel and Patricia and getting FBC involved with this community  movement!


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